Lately….I’ve spoken to my ‘lil sis on how easy is to lose the motivation and passion to reach for our dreams.

She got a job, in which the employer will provide her with a chain of great trainings throughout 3 years, so she could become a professional, however  the job was poorly paid which does not help if you have an infant. She had sudden doubts, lost motivation and faith.

Should she look for a better job or not?

Here comes big sister advise:

I said to her that  money will come with the experience. Remember about your goal of getting proper training and qualifications…once you have this , it will be very easy to get well paid job.

The problem was…that she forgot her goal!

It is hard to give tips to members of family because of a very strong emotional connection so I have decided to share my way of dealing with bad emotions;doubts

Point nr 1;

now…imagine yourself a highway…which is very long so you cannot see the end of it.You are seating in a great car, you put your seatbelt on then start your engine and drive…..the road represents the time ( future to be precise)…you are the only one on this highway…no obstructions…nothing, no one but you and your car.

Point nr 2;

so this is where the tricks starts. The goal of your trip is to reach the META point which symbolize your goals( whatever they are) and does not matter how crazy they are 😀 . Don’t be shy !!

Point nr 3;

so what do you do? you simply drive there…you need to

..so do not stop the car :do not turn around….just drive no matter what obstacles you meet on the road…just drive and remember the goal is in front of you ….even if you cannot see it, do not stop believing in it.

I know what you’re going to say; ….but i am not going to make it……. I do not have luck…… this is silly….;well I am telling you this works.

You will  meet your goals, your dreams, you just need to make sure that you do not stop the car.

Point nr 4;

Try the above.You will succeed.

’til the next one