Well…if you think that I will be writing about the crazy tradition of big stores selling Christmas deco months before the actual Festive time…you are wrong:)

My Christmas in November happened today when  opening 2 black pieces of luggage. Basically I got them from my mother-in-law to check whether I liked any of the stuff that she kept.

When I opened the first luggage I felt like a little girl again…opening the packages that my aunty would send us from US.” Paczki z Ameryki”(Packages from America) this was such common thing in 80′ & 90′ in Poland for those  who had family in US or any other western country. I remember my friends having Lee jeans and t-shirts,Barbie dolls or very simple pens and pencils with Disney’s cartoons faces on them, bringing Snickers and Hershey’s to the class making other children jealous.

Oh I remember the smell coming out from those boxes, this sweet sugary amazing smell and then along with my sister we would slowly take layers to get to the bottom as normally this is where the sweat stuff would be. Sometimes we would find dollars in pockets of the clothes.Well this is how I felt opening the two big luggages.It was funny,as I completely forgot about this. It’s so refreshing to go back in time for a moment…and if you would like to know what little treasures I found…hmm I think I need bigger closet for all the beautiful purses and belts:)

’til the next one