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1) Do the food shopping so you have it of on the weekend. No matter how tired you are.Just do it.

You know it will cost you more time and effort to do them on Saturday.

2) Go out but it has to be planned.Once a month for a date with your boyfriend/hubby and enjoy.

3)You can go to bad early.No shame.

4) You do not need to eat sweets to feel happy…but if you do, again, No shame.

5) No jogging, no exercising ….totally forgiven, but imagine…what if you actually did go for a 30-minutes walk? Your body would pay you back.


1) Clean the house TOGEATHER with your friend,boyfriend, husband.Do it in the morning – I know it sounds crazy, but try once, it works.

2) Go out! Even if you do not feel like doing this. Go:)

3) jogging, walking, bicycling…

4) if you have a homework, paperwork or things that you have to catch-up with…do them right away….make time to do them do not trying to FIND the time !

No complaining,no postponing:)

’til the next one