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Well , we had only 3 days to enjoy the fun and hint of still a christmas time in Venice. knowing this, the worst thing you can do is shaking with cold and not enjoying the time, so below I put the list of stuff which helped me and my husband survive:
1. Clothes
– ski warm pads for your feet and hands(to purchase in any sport store)
– ski gloves(I had 2 fingers ones which are the best)
– warm clothes I had the winter jogging long sleeve top and pants.
– warm shoes( do not take high heals for Heaven sake)
– hat (ski one for guys) any other for girls
– sun glasses
– bag which you can wear cross your arms
– camcorder, camera and CHARGED batterie

– eat in restaurants where 3 course is above 17 euro.
– drink hot chocolate in chain called Majoran. Chocolate is 2 euros and it is very thick and delicious!
– not true that you only eat pasta and pizza- try sea food and fish-different types. You will love the experience.
– do eat desserts.No one else does Tiramisu like Italians.

You better ensure that the suitcase you are taking i big.

Buy masks ,best 2 or 3 which you can frame and hang in a salon.Do buy from little boutiques where the owner makes them.

Hotel – hmm….has to be by Saint Mark Place!!

Do take a lot of off rout tours and you will see the real italians and their life.

##and enjoy!
oh if you are coming back during the week, ensure that next day you are off from work:)