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Does your partner/husband like tea?
My hubby drink it ,maybe 2 times a year, but today being a guest at friend’s house, he actually got excited about tea.I got excited too:). It was called Marco Polo by Mariage Frères and it is the ”haute-coutour” of tea. Our friend bought it in this great little  place in Paris.
Here is the link: www.rameau-olivier.com .It is to far from where I live, so I have found a small boutique in Galeries Lafayette.  …and for all of you, living in Japan, UK or Germany, here is the link with adresses: http://www.mariagefreres.com/boutique/fr/vt+adresses.html 

IN USA:                                                                                                                   http://gourmetfood.deandeluca.com/search?view=grid&w=marco+polo

I honestly do not know much about tea but I think this is because I have never drank such a delicious one. Now I am willing to learn about the culture of it.             Advise that I got from my friends-talk to the person who sells the goods, as this will allow you to buy the type of tea, that you or your family will really enjoy. It is also recommended as they do not come cheap so you want to make a good choice:).

Ohh, it is a great present for Christmas, Birthdays at no occasion:).

One more thing, for people who live in Paris- check on a great store with healthy food: www.bio-coop.com– get the  loyalty card coz you will want to go back.


There is so much work and knowledge when carrying for a little one. I do think that each young parent should have a very good theoretical preparation for this (basic things ,like: holding a baby’s neck, check on breathing during the nap time, never loosing babe from an eye sight, etc).Observing the lack of this basic information can be heartbreaking. I saw that I do not ever want to see it again. If I see , I will react and tell the parent.

’til the next one