How many times eating a meal in a restaurant had I this thought bombarding my mind ”’this dish looks so obvious, so easy to make,so why when I try to copy at home,it just does not taste the same!”

I know, you may say …well this is the beauty of going to the restaurant. I agree 100% but what we cannot afford the luxury of dining out?!

Lately, I got this present from my father-in-law. This cooking book has the experience and ” the magic touch” of one of the Greatest Chef of all Monsieur Joël Robuchon.

This is what can make your home-made dish taste as you were in the restaurant…and if  ”your helper” was the father of French Cousine, well you you will have a dish as in a French restaurant !Not bad!

The book is extremely heavy but the photos and easy to follow instructions are great. This particular edition is in French but if you search for publication of Monsieur Robuchon in your language  you should  not be disappointed.