I was just wondering… with all my love for sushi ( for which I spend a lot of money)…why it took me so long to made my own?!

Hey- I am not a lazy person 😀 if that is what you think.Well, I guess everything has its own time:) and place (like Paris).

So..lately I bought all the ingredients and my weekend was titled ”sushi weekend”.It took me 5 days just to find and buy the ingredients but I guess this is what you have to go through being the NEWCOMER.

Risotto Rice- yeap! what you see on the photo is true. I made sushi with risotto rice. I could not find sushi rice and one of the sales people advised me to use the other option.

I must admit that talking to my new friends helped, as they pointed to me the Parisian areas, that I should visit.Ufff!!

Before starting making sushi I spent some time reading and watching  few ”how to?” videos and it was a time well-spend as  I have learned so much about the culture of sushi, the extraordinary things that japanese Chefs can create, the history of the dish.