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I have always been admiring people who made it for themself; people who had the strength, self-discipline and energy to reach for their dreams. It is not a secret that they do inspire me and make me belive that I can make my dreams come true.

So far the people who I considered inspiring would come from so-called ”nothing”, but lately I read this  article about Ivanka’s Trump book. My first thought was what she can know about the difficulties of climbing the mountains of mental or financial obstructions. She has everything thanks to her father. She did not have to do anything.

But, after reading few first pages of her book, I got intrigued. Hey, maybe it was ”the   marketing catch of first pages ”or not, but non-a-less I ordered the audio book. I got it today and cannot wait to listen to it. They are 5 discs in cda format. I will soon give you my opinion on the book.

Oh and  I bought strawberries. I just love the smell of them. It reminds me my childhood and summer days in Poland, at my granny’s place.

My mom would give my sister and me a soup plates filled with mashed strawberries covered with real cream and sugar. Hmm…delicious.

Do you have memories like this? I mean with fruits 🙂