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Pizza can be a valued food but it has to provide us with proteins, vitamins instead of fat and carbohydrates.

Just in few points;

1. Eat no more than 3 small slices.

2. Choose the one on thin bread with lots of veggies and mozzarella. Tomato sauce – nutritionally better than eating fresh tomatoes:).

3.As an accompany for pizza order salad instead of garlic bread you safe 150 kcal.

4.Cut of the edges of pizza before grabbing the slices safe of 200 kcal.

5. Take the fat of the pizza pressing paper towel to it – 40 kcal.

6. Drink order water instead of soda-250 kcal


Easy math you can safe  690 kcal.

7. Make your pizza at home! Following the recipe below it will take you an hour to make pizza, but you have 8 medium portions ( you can freeze the dough) .

Pizza Dough:

1 kg of white flour( or do half-half with brown flour)

0,5 liter of warm water

20 g of yeast

1,5 tbsp spoon salt

1,5 tbsp spoon of sugar

100 ml of olive oil

Mix the yeast with sugar and a little bit of water.Add flour, salt and rest of the water. Mix well with hand. Add the olive oil and mix another 7 minutes. Then cover with tea towel and let it grow for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes divide the dough into 8 portions. Form pizzas, put the sauce and healthy ingredients.

Remember that the low calories are:- spinach, mushrooms, tuna, sea-food,broccoli;


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