I am alive!

Thank you to whoever invented sport shoes and socks! without this I would not survived.

Recap- my husband and I thought a year ago  that Marathon is a good idea, so we paid 140 euros and peacefully looked forward to the 15th April 2012.

I was telling to myself this is a great way for couple bonding. We will do jogging together, keep good diet and as plus get rid of that extra kilo that we have gained in our thirties.

For my husband very mannish ambition of continuing marathon chain, after he took part in 2010 London Marathon.

Well, we did not do jogging every day , not every second day , not even every week or month. We did not practise at all. We also did not do anything extra special with our diet or get rid of unwanted kilos.Instead we did nothing, niente, nicht, nic!

Did we finish the competion-YES, we did and that was the greatest experience so far.We did run the first 13km and walked the rest. We did it in SEVEN HOURS!

The sad thing is( which never happened in London) is that the finish line was dismantle when we got there, so the organizers did not publish our results on their website. But you know it is ok.I had fun and I have learned so much about my body and mind. the one thing that we have achieved is the bonding aspect. I cannot tell you enough complements about this aspect. My husband was my rock. We did not even talked that much. We were there for eachother.We did have our internal crisis but each one of us had its own mantra, that we were repeating in our heads to motivate the muscles to work.

This is my summary;

– the crowds which cheers you up is a huge motivator. The smiles, the encouragement is huge and addictive. The more you get the more you want

– human’s body is a big mystery. Every time I does this challenging surprises to my body, i learn new things.Whether is diving in th ocean, sky-diving , etc. I am so glad that my body did not crash although it had full right, because I did not prepare it for that madness.

– the one thing you will notice is that good shoes and socks safe you. If your feet are ok, you will get to the finish line.

– I have never seen my hands so swollen and so pale, double the size very weird experience.

– Vicks balm and tiger balm smell it is overwhelming when you get to the start point-i thought people were using this only at home. Smelling it in Champs-Elyse, just not right.

– selfishness unfortunately people are still selfish the food stations area was covered with banana and orange peals. I bet that 97 % of the people did not think about those behind them. Shame!

Going back home better take cash for taxi long trip back home can cause you more pain that the actual competition(especially if you are like me).

Good night sleep before and after definitely.

– wrist bands second way use-very helpful to put banana and water for the last km, when the food stations are empty.

-Your top is your ID and your ” white canvas”- attach to it anything you want flag of your country, emblems, funny signs, pictures and sentences that can motivate not only you but people behind you :). You may help them ,without knowing it and this is a sport spirit. I caught myself looking at  people’ t-shirts and tops, reading messages they carried and that realy helps on different levels.

– mobile is your companion if you feel lonely…maybe the only one during the hard time use it-reading warming heart messages from family and friends, sending messages, although distracting..can liftyou up like you could reach the stars.

The above info is for people like me, who likes challenges, are bit crazy ( not to say stupid crazy :D)and they are definitely not PRO in running marathons!

to the next,