Well, you may already read, that I live in France since last year . I have moved into this beautiful country from the other beautiful one-Great Britain , London to be exact.

One thing you have to know about the difference in renting apartments, houses in those two countries.

When in Britain you will find fully furnished place with no effort, in France it is barely possible and I do not mean furnitures, carpets,etc.

I mean-fridge, oven, washing machine.

…so my husband and I moved into a place which was empty!

When we had finally our ”basic equipment”  we felt much more comfortable but the apartment was quite depressing white walls, white tiles on the floor.

See here…

Mezzanin flore-firstly we thought it would be a bedroom:

this was our mezzanin bedroom, but it did not work- we did not need a big sleaping area.

#Just to update you on the decor- as we do not consider this appartment as being teh permanent one, we do not want to buy furnitures, carpets etc.We wanted to work with what we have#

Sp..what we realy wanted is a salon and relaxing zone…so stike #2

As you can see the seating area is in L-shape …not good if you want to see and chat with your friends while seating:/

the only reason for this set up is that my hubby wanted Projector with screen and the wall behind the Tv is perfect.

10 months past and there was no signed of the Projector so yesterday I have decided to change the set up to this:

Do you think it looks better? It is definitely more ”guests friendly” 🙂

next week I will take care of the wall I would like to put a composition of frames and maybe use the two Venetian masks ( one of which you can see on the pictures above). I have 4 ugly framed pictures of flowers that I will use. Well soon I will post the result of my creation/;invention 🙂


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