When I watched the 3D Titanic trailer and heard James Cameron talking about what new we could expect from the movie, his one sentence ” we were different people back then when we watched the movie for the first time ” really stroke me, coz we all were different. Yeap I am a little sentimental, well maybe more than little and I remember what I felt watching the movie 14 years ago. I was a lost teenage girl who did not know where and how she will live and with whom she will share her live. I did saw the movie in different light and understood the event and the story from the perspective of a young girl.

Going to the cinema to see THE MOVIE, everything in my life was already different then 14 years ago. I live in Paris, I have husband and life that I could only dream about. I would never , in million years expected to see the movie in the cinema again, with my husband and in Paris.


Did you have similar experience?

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