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It is sunny, finally!!!

It took some time for the Sun to accommodate in the northern France 🙂

Today is 1st May which is a Labour Day in France (Poland also), but since I live in France this day is for me a back round for the beautiful tradition, that does not exist in Poland: people offer each other the flower that I just adore Lily of the Valley ( in Polish: Konwalia,in French: Muguet) to wish happiness and love to the loved ones.On this one day you can see people selling them everywhere, sidewalks, parks, near supermarkets and churches.

Unfortunatelly in Poland this flower is under protection. I remember, when as a little girl, I was living with my parents in the country, I would sneak out from home with my sisters and cousins to the forest near by, in search of those flowers…and now I can have as many bouquets as I want!! love it!

As I spent my last two days in the World Capital of Chocolate, of course I could not come home without a chocolate or two or maybe  few boxes of Pralines ~

Well,I will not eat all this chocolate…

The boxes are for colleagues and my parents-in-law:)

I love to share with others. It makes the whole event more enjoyable. Don’t you worry though…the transparent bags are for my husband and me( but since the doctor forbidden me to eat sweets, the package are patiently waiting in the cupboard), otherwise there would not be on the picture:P



Since we are in a warm spring time and will start wearing more complementary outfits, I thought I will dig out my vintage jewlery.

Cannot wait to wear it but I have to really thing about matching the items with the whole look.

maybe they will not work with the look at all:/

Well anyway, Happy 1 May Everyone!!

To the next one