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The last time I went for a long weekend was in February and I have visited astonishing Venice in Italy…

…this time however, I went to the city which some people call ”The Venice of the North” and no, I do not mean Amsterdam…I mean the other City, called Bruges:)

Well, I can tell you that one thing:if you ever decide to go there you will not regret it. It was worth the 3 hours car trip and even the hospital incident.i have fall in love in the incredible vibe, charm and almost dolly house look.

In my previous post I have already mentioned that Belgians people are nice and polite ( although not sure if French would agree ), but they are really very nice, helpful and smily.

The few things that you have to know about this place:

It is famous for :

Chocolate : and you will see chocolatiers boutiques almost on every street. There is even a Museum of Chocolate( I will tell you more about it in my next post):

Famous for Best Beers; I am not a beer drinker but do appriciate the drink. Normally i would go for dark beer but this time I have tried the white beer which is famous in Belgium and I liked it:)

mussels, yummy, yummy, yummy:medieval architecture:

Hot Chocolate:

SUMMERY: I have 2 regrets: because of my ”hospital adventure” I did not have a chance to try Belgian Fries( = French Fries) and did not see the Manufacture of World Famous Belgian Laces 😦

This only mean one thing.. I have to go back to Bruges and I will do it with pleasure!

To the next one,