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So, I live in a rented apartment, that I do not have any intention of staying in or investing money in it.

So far all my  furniture were bought on via  web sales or were given to us  by our family. This is great, right…well…yeahhh, but I have furnitures made in 20′,30′,50′, 70′ and 80′!! . Belive me, it can be very difficult to marry those various styles.

Lately I have refurbished my bedroom, which comes with white walls and white tiles.

I had a big and heavy furniture there, horrible looking but with lot of storage. It would be easy just to get ride of it, but I have decided to give it a second Live, safe myself few euros and avoid the hassle of looking for another piece.

The same with my night lamp, side table and picture frames.

So I came up with Scandinavian Style Refurbishment, as it  is cheap and flexible. Having White ”back round”, you can play with statement colors and patterns ( pillows, books, glass) and you can change them depending on a season or like in my case…depending on the mood:D

Below I have put the picture  BEFORE/AFTER: What do you think?


regarding the table below:before painting it , I have unscrew the metal decoration pieces. The top of the table was yellow marble so I did white-wash it a little bit.

I had those 4 pictures in my storage ( two on the photo above). I liked the  simplicity of the frames and  I have decided to use them as a wall decoration so they have become white frames:)

For the color statement: I did have those 3 green pillow cases:),sooo….I cut one of them into pieces and use them for the frames. To finish of the look, I have put two small pillows with the same green pattern underneath the frames.

See below:


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