They look like a normal piece of jewlery…untill you see the back of it and I just like the concept:

Firstly- the pendant inside keeps the perfume smell for a long time. The system is very simple- the heat of your body warms up the pendant which makes the perfume release the essence. Secondly- it makes my bag much lighter since I no longer carry my perfumes flacon all day with me.Thirdly-having the pendant on you, you can actually smell this delicate scent the whole time you are wearing it ( which is not possible if you put the perfumes the traditional way).

If I had to describe the feeling -I kind of feel like there was this sexy, yet empowering aura around me :). It calms me down and makes me feel relax and happy.My husband loves it as well…especialy if I were the one with the perfumes he likes:).

Honestly, I have not seen many of them in stores, but you can buy them on the internet.

My advise is to look for pendant made of gold or covered in gold, as they do not interface the perfume palette nor cause allergies in contact with skin.

To the next one,