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Today, I have decided to bring you closer an amazing creation of human talent, hard work and creativity. Something that for centuries was used as a salt mine( at the end shut down due to low price of salt) became a place worth visiting and was placed on the list of UNESCO of World Heritage List.

Wieliczka Salt Mine, in Cracow Poland reaches 327 meters and it is 300 kilometers long.It has a complex of corridors that you can visit (3.5 km), underground lake and beautiful chapel carved in salt, with statues and chandeliers made of salt.

Chapel carved in salt:Various events take place in this room(weddings,concerts, mass)

As you can see the salt is naturally grey:

Sculptures made of salt:

Front of the chapel with the alter:

Chandelier with crystals made of salt:I hope that one day you all will be able to go there and see it yourself :) , but if not I am happy to share my pictures with you .

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