Hi Everyone

I wanted to share something with you:

a) I think it’s funny

b) please click on those links below, great places to see in France:


It is a day-off tomorrow and I thought that would be a great day to visit some interesting place outside Paris….and there are so many of them that if you like this type of day-out, you are in a perfect country.

Obviously , being new in France naturally, I have turned to my hubby (Frenchi, how I like to call him) for help. Yesterday during the lunch break, I sent him a quick email asking to think of a place we could visit with the car.

Ok, what happens next? Well, an hour later, my husband sent me an email that instead of saying something like” we could go to place XY”…or something like this, he send me the below!

He took the task very seriously:),don’t you think?!

My husband’s email:

OPTION 1: Champagne Region

Reims = UNESCO, Capital of Champagne Region = Beautiful Cathedral and town = 1h 30min drive http://www.reims-tourisme.com/reims-champagne/decouverte-et-patrimoine.aspx

total drive = 3 hours


A visit of 2 places:

Vaux le Vicomte Palace (inspired Versailles): 50 minutes drive = http://www.vaux-le-vicomte.com/

Provins (UNESCO): 50 minutes from Vaux le Vicomte = http://www.provins.net/index.php/english-version.html

Total drive: below 3 hours


A visit of 2 places in the Loire Valley (all UNESCO) to choose from:

Chambord (in the Loire valley, beautiful Palace) = http://www.chambord.org/Chambord-fr-idm-3-n-Le_chateau.html

Amboise (in the Loire Valley, beautiful palace & Da Vinci’s grave) =  http://www.amboise-valdeloire.com/decouvrir/amboise

Chenonceau (in the Loire valley, beautiful Palace + gardens) = http://www.chenonceau.com/

Villandry (in the Loire valley, beautiful Palace + most beautiful gardens) = http://www.chateauvillandry.fr/
Azay-le-Rideau  (in the Loire valley, beautiful Palace) = http://azay-le-rideau.monuments-nationaux.fr/
For the Loire Valley here are the driving distances if we visit 2 places and living like 8am in the morning:

Chenonceau Chenonceau        
Villandry 45 Villandry      
Amboise 19 47 Amboise    
Chambord 60 85 55 Chambord  
Azay-le-Rideau 43 20 47 85 Azay-le-Rideau
HOME 180 190 165 145 195

here is the total driving time whichever the combination of places is (including the return trip home):

Chenonceau Chenonceau        
Villandry 6:55 Villandry      
Amboise 6:04 6:42 Amboise    
Chambord 6:25 7:00 6:05 Chambord  
Azay-le-Rideau 6:58 6:45 6:47 7:05 Azay-le-Rideau


OPTION 4: Chartres

Chartres: UNESCO : Beautiful Cathedral and town = 1h 25min drive = http://www.chartres-tourisme.com/fr/rubrique/Visiter/719d10d4625610c434719c539f8ff841/

OPTION 5: Lille

Lille = nice old town =  2h 20min drive = http://www.lilletourism.com/

total driving = 4h 40min

OPTION 6: Amiens

Amiens, UNESCO : Beautiful Cathedral = 1 hour and 30min drive = http://www.amiens-tourisme.com/tourinsoft/liste/incontournables

total driving = 3 hours

OPTION 7: Arras

Arras, UNESCO : very pretty fortified town, a bit like Brugges = 2 hour drive = http://www.amiens-tourisme.com/tourinsoft/liste/incontournables

total driving = 4 hours

The best think is that the weather is going to be horrible for the next few days…so the trip is on hold 😦

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