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Hear’s the deal…

My wedding is in 3 months and I’m getting all the little details together now.

The wedding will take place in Poland, so this is a little bit of a challenge and takes twice amount of time to organize it.

The plan is to have a lot of fun, very good food, but with accommodating two cultures, two different traditions and ”taste cups” .

I would like to introduce Polish cuisine to the French side and vice versa, but I cannot bring French Chef to cook meal in Poland( well, I would like to, but since I do not have money…well, I had to figure out something else)……… and I did.

Since France is so famous for its desserts and pastries, I could introduce these wonderful things to the Polish side.

And here I have to explain something about Polish desserts:

Poland does not have a culture of fancy,eye-catching, top shelf decorated, detailed cakes and pastries, however we have a great tradition of baking.

Baking is in our blood(well at least 95% of the families). We do bake at home, almost every week. It normally happens on Saturday, so there is ”something sweet to go with cup of Sunday tea/coffee” Belive me, we have hundreds and hundreds of recipes.

And here I have to step in with a bit of history:

Since the last few centuries were not easy for Poland, people had to cook, bake from what they had(so no citrus fruits, vanilla, low quality chocolate, coffee..etc) Baking was then limited to basic  ingredients: seasonal fruits like apples, berries, coco powder, alcohol 🙂 and etc.., but you know, the women did very well. I can proudly say that Polish cakes are very good. Well of course I will find people saying they do not like them.I  can find an American person saying that maybe some of them are ”not sweat enough”, French person could say – this or that one is two dry ( that would be my Husband for example:)), but hey!!they have right to say those words.I also have my more/less favourite ones.What I never understood is when people give opinions without even tasting.

And here is another problem Non-Polish people have big difficulty to try our cakes. Why – because they do not look appealing ,eye-catching, not like the ”French Cakes” and so on. I understand, but I will give you a hint that may help breaking this mit.:)

Explanation of the look:

In polish cakes it’s all about the quantity this is the first thing you see a big square ”something”, most of the time not portioned (!this is to avoid drying). It is bold!But….it is a home baking. Polish families used to be very big. Not counting the grandparents, uncles, aunts, there were minimum 5 children in most houses and obviously the mom had to provide for everyone. The decoration was seen as waste of time ( except  special families or Catholic Events).

What I can guarantee is that they are delicious and you will find your favourite quickly.

Back to my Wedding Sweet Buffet: for the next few days I will be visiting local bakeries and pasties places in search of the flavors and inspirational decoration. Then I will search on an internet the recipes , send them along with pictures  to the Pastry Chef in Poland,who will have an interesting task of baking the french desert and doing the decoration.I will also try to bake them.Good plan?I think so 😀

Below I have attached few deco inspiration photos, that I took today. I have also bought mini versions of those cakes so tomorrow will be a tasting competition #1 🙂

I will keep you posted.

To the next one,