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When you plan your vacation in a foreign country, what is the first thing you think about?Well,you think about the nice stuff right: relaxation, sight-seeing, food,lazy days in the sun….etc.We become a little bit selfish, maybe thinking that spending our hard-earned money allows us to be ignorant of the environment we go to.

What is the last thing, you think about?????????????Answer:Taking some time before the holidays to study the culture and

yeah, yeah..I hear the responses saying ”ohh, but we do study Do’s and Dont’s when going to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Asia.

Well, ok…but do you do the same amount of homework going to one of the European Countries? Do you really put your heart and time in it. Oh maybe you think that the culture , the traditions are very similar to yours, hens you are not bothered.

I can tell you one thing-the more you know the more fun you have.

Remember also – you build a reputation of your country in the eyes of ”the locals”.

Please get rid of the ignorance and respect the place you’re in.It is a cultural journey as well .

I would like to bring you some interesting information regarding French culture of food.I had my own observation, confirmed to me in one of the magazine article :

– do you see french people walking down the street with food, or them eating it in the metro No? Exacly!Well, don’t do it then! Food in Paris is more than a ”filler”. If you are hungry, you do not have to spend money in the restaurant, but go and seat on the grass in the park or somewhere on the bench,by the sidewalk. You will see how much more you can enjoy the sandwich or salad doing this:)

-”Un carafe d’eau s’il vous plait”( jug of water)..please do not ask for iced water,ask for water. They do not have ice.

– ordering coffee with meal ( except for breakfast) or dessert Do not do it. For the meal you can choose wine or water. Coffee is after or as a dessert.

– bread basket-it is not in good taste to pick in the bread basket before the meal arrives. You are not a babe anymore- hold on until the arrival of the meal and yes…it takes long time for the meal to arrive.

– ”Put your hand on the table, not on a lap”,this is what French mother would say, as they feared that the hand could be active.

– French customer service:”Client is not always right!!”. Well, working in customer service for few years I was thought the exact opposite but French people take pride in what they are doing and if their opinion is different then yours this is not to annoy you, remember. They feel it is their responsibility to correct you .If you want to change the way the dish is prepared and the waiter do not recommend it, please listen to him. When staying in a hotel, the doorman is your real friend.He is 100% better than a book guid.

– always and everywhere, to everyone say: Merci, S’il vous plait, Bonjour, Au revoir

avoid the world known fast food  places. You have them in your own country…so why spending all the hard earned money on it.They are not shutting down, so you do not have tu munch on those burgers and fried food like there was no tomorrow!
Well, I hope the above will help you understanding Frenchies the next time you visit this beautiful country….wow I do sound like an Ambasador of France now, haha!

To the next one,