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I can already hear comments; ”What the….is she talking about:)!”, What treasure hunting?

I am not talking about the treasure that you can cash out. Let’s face it,not everyone is Richard Branson and although we would like to be Indiana Jones,only 90% of us will become one 😀 ( well I am an optimist!).The task I am talking about will redirect treasure hunting to a different path.

The treasure that I’m talking about is easier to get.

It is Genealogy…


..why to start?

I studied history, as I love it very much, but I do understand that this may not be everyone’s favourite subject. Genealogy is different. This is nothing like learning the chronology of events and dates history. In Genealogy research you  discover and learn about your family and I can guarantee you that it is never boring. The process may be time-consuming and challenging but always rewarding.

The Genealogy can be a family project where you can involve your siblings, parents, children in it. No more boring afternoons and weekends, no more TV watching or games playing. This project really brings people closer.

How to start?

Firstly find out the steps of search. Help? Google ”how to start Genealogy” and take it from there. Please note that the is no time pressure over your head. Genealogy is great, because you can take as much time as you want.

Please do not be discouraged, if you cannot find what you are looking for. It may take time to find the answers.

Encouraging story:

My husband has been working on his Genealogy tree for over 8 years. He just took his time and managed to reach his ancestors until XVI century! Impressive right:).He found out so many interesting facts and he could talk about them for hours. Once, for one of the family get-together event he printed copies of this big genealogy tree and gave it as present to each of his relatives. Everyone was so happy. Now he helps people from all around the world (regarding French ancestors) and the demand is huge.

Genealogy is timeless. It is a real treasure. You may want to start for different reason; maybe your parents, grand-parents coming anniversary, or you may have talent then no-one else in your family has and would like to find whether you inherited after your ancestor. Maybe you heard stories, legends about your relatives and would like to find out what real facts Whatever the reason is, it is a good way to begin the research.

I really hope that my letter encourage you to start. Remember, you do not have to study genealogy to become one, for your family. Take your time, relax and enjoy.

To the next one,