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Hello Everyone,


Firstly, I am extremely sorry for not posting, but had a problem with the internet.

You know what happened – I dropped my external hard drive which had all the registration of mine and my husband last 7 years of live, great travels, family events.What is worse,it is going to cost 700 euros just to try restore the memory and that is not even guaranteed!What the ….?!?

I am so angry at myself!

On more positive note – I am going for holidays tomorrow!oh yeahhh!!!!

I have finished my french classes last week and my mother-in-law invited me for a one-week trip…to see fjords. How great is that!

I am so exited!but not only with the unexpected holidays, but also with having the opportunity to bond with my mother in-law. I am not doing this because I have to , but because I want to and I hope we will have a great time.Has anyone of you tried that?Do you have any good tips for me?

I will not have internet during the trip, but I will post my review on my return to France.

I wish you a great weekend!

ohh…forgot to tell you about something re my trip:

1) I would almost go with a luggage full of summer clothes!Imagine                          The trip was a surprise so my hubby and his mom did not wanted to tell me the details and only gave me few info from which I came to a conclusion that the trip is on the Mediterranean See and the warm clothes would be for cold nights…how wrong was I :)?!?

2) We are traveling with COSTA Cruise so I hope that the captain will be more intelligent than the one from COSTA CONCORDIA! This is my first time on the Cruise Ship and not sure what to expect? Has anyone of you tried this type of holidays?

3) I will visit 3 countries: Germany, Denmark and Norway. I have never been there and I can only imagine the amount of beautiful things I will see.

4) like never, I will be traveling without a guide-book and trust 100% the guidance of my mother-in-law. It will be difficult to do but I am sure it will be funny:)

Well, cross fingers for me!