My sister’s 2-year-old daughter figured out the magical effects that the word ”yes” has on people.

Well, imagine the reaction of family member, whoes face brights up to yet another word, that they hear from a little human.

Somehow, after hearing words: mommy, daddy, word ” no” or even an expression(!): ”what’s that?”, the smart, cheeky girl noticed, that the word ”yes” has a booming effect..it makes all members of the family smile…so why should she not use it , right?! We all like to hear this word, in response to our questions like;

– can you buy me this Prada bag?


– will you marry me?

– do you love me?

– have you wash the dishes?

– have you  fead the dog?

…and so on

however, how accurate the response ”yes” could be when it’s in regards to a VERY particular question?!

So the story goes like this:
My sister, the baby and her nanny were all sitting in the room. In one point the nanny asked the girl:

Nanny:”Laura, will you be the future Miss Universe?”

Laura: ”Yes”

Nanny continues: ”Do you think you will be happy about it?”

Laura: ”Yes”

The Nanny looked at Laura and her mommy and said; Ok Laura, if you can answer this questions I have to find more difficult for you :))

The Nanny looked at her laptop then looked at Laura and asked:

”Laura, do you think…that the current situation in the Middle East is difficult?”

the cheeky little girl responded : ”YES”

And how not to love the smart 2-year-old ?!?!?!

(Credits to my beautiful sister Ilona, who shared the story with me… and you all)

Til the next one,