lf you live in Paris and…like me..you like  baking and helping others
There are two things worth checking:
Firstly- CAKE&BAKE Accessories store (in Paris),where you can find the whole supply and more for creating the most beautiful cakes and cupecakes….
Secondly-the above store is one of the main partners organizing next week charity cupcake sale.

The charity -Make°a°Wish
What can you do to help?-bake cupcakes and bring them for the sale
Where?-80 Quai de Jemmapes,
Le Comptoir General
75010 Paris
When?-27 October
Why to do this?- ‘coz it’s fun 😉 … And sharing things with others brings so much joy and satisfaction.
We can help those children …by making their dreams come true.
If you need more information,please visit:
’til the next one