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…a glass of wine with your loved one, after coming back from work…priceless.

I admit, I had to learn how to appreciate this drink. Drinking wine in my country wasn’t popular so it took me at least a year to learn to LIKE the flavour, another two years to work my own list of prefered wines and now I can proudly admit that after seven years, I know quite a few things regarding the technic of making the wine, different grapes,wine regions,even wine corks.

I very often attach the wine to a particular event…and if it is a special occasion I will go as far as taking the label off from the bottle :). I am still far behind Sommelier Alain Laliberté, that’s for sure 🙂

About a week ago, I had the honour ( honestly there is no other way to put it) to drink a 30-year-old wine, that my husband was keeping in his cellar for the last 15 years.What is more, there was no special occasion for this and that  made the whole thing even more exciting.

My husband was a ‘lil bit anxious whether the wine is still good, but it was totally unnecessery.His worries, however, were aroused by our last ”adventure” few years ago- a bottle of wine, year 1972 was really bad. That’s the thing you cannot be sure that the bottle of a vintage wine, that you buy/open will be good. It is easier in the restaurant, as you can taste the wine but buying a bottle in the store can be a tricky thing. Always look for help while choosing the wine. Always buy your wine in the Wine Store, where trained people who can help you.

Ohh, my advice always make sure to accompany the wine  with the right food and  enjoyed it to the last drop.

’til the next one