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Robert Kupisz {read: Robert Kupish}- This man is already a huge persona in Poland but I am not sure if he is that ”shout-out loud” outside my country.

 I do belive that his clothes are timeless and should be in a closet of each one of you lovely people. The style is so original and can be incorporated to so many looks- work, school, evenig out…even church.

Although i have a different style,   I am crazy about his pieces

My dream is to own at least this ”Eagle” shirt: with an eagle .

The White Eagle by the way is a  Polish national Coat of Arms.

I was smitten by Robert’s Winter 2012 collection…high waisted men trousers, layering of materials, bleached t-shirts, leather jackets and large coats…it all looks very comfy and casual.

it is a noticeable look…don’t you think:)

I was looking for Robert’s collection here in Paris but without luck.

He is selling on-line, however the website is in Polish…:(

http://mostrami.pl/pol_m_Projektanci_Robert-Kupisz-273.html   (If anyone of you would like to buy his piece, I can help with translation)

Ohh..Robert is also a Hair Stylist – seen in Vogue

’til the next one