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It’s Sunday Everyone!!! Happy day to everyone:)It is also an National Independence Day in my country Poland ( my country did not exist for 123 years…until 11 november 1918. For those of you, who would like to find out more i give the link to a short Wiki description in English :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Independence_Day)

I would like  to tell you about my challenge and I hope you will find it inspiring.

You don’t know this, but I’m addicted to sugar and always have been. While eating main dish I was already dreaming about the desert. Every success, every disappointment, sad day, great day, party, car trip (I could go on and on this) i was crunching sugar. The more I ate the more I wanted it.Well anyway….after having the first hour boost I then felt anxious, tired and sad..almost deppressed!! It was a horrible feeling. This drug actually sabotage my creativity and success in many things.My skin was dry, dull, my nails weak. Belive me , I was always trying to avoid  sugar. I put aspartame to my tea/coffee.In  my recipes I would swap the confectionary sugar with the substitute,  but soon stopped doing this as I read all those horrible things about what  the chemical substitute actually do to the body.

so yeap…I was really trying to stop….but the lasted a while only…to my dissapintment.I can tell you though ,that my biggest success was in 2007-no sugar for 4 months!!!huraaaayyy and  I was never that creative, that full of energy and smiled as at that time

I always wanted to get to the bottom of my addiction and this is what I’ve learned:

1) I ‘ve found out that my beautiful mom , while being pregnant with me, desired sugar all the time. She said that she was constantly thinking about chocolate, biscuits and pies. Strangely, she did not put much on weight at all, but admitted that the sugar crunch was unbearable. I’ve never blamed her for this, why should I. Pregnant ladies have their rights.

2) The other reason for my addiction happened when I was growing up. Since my mom seen her little girl looking for sweet things in all the kitchen cupboards, she would hide the sweet from me and she would give me a piece of chocolate or biscuit as a reward, for getting a good grade at school, cleaning my room…etc., so what did I do?… I would always get great grades and be a good girl to get what i wanted.  I was doing this for the sweet reward unfortunately this process programmed my brain to reward myself with sugar in my adult live and expand to reward myself for all sorts of reasons….

….wow, it reminds me the Ivan Pavlov’s experiments 😦

You could ask… why do I want to try again, if I’ve failed before. Firstly …Well, I’m a believer that if you want something you should never ever give up and secondly, I’m a Christian and in Christian faith, before the Christmas, we have Advent. It is 4 weeks=4 Sundays of preparation for the arrival of baby Jesus. It is a symbolic time of self-awareness,contemplation. It is for some people a time of fasting, giving up things they love, they are addicted to or desire in for God.

I thought, it is a perfect time for me to start fight my addiction. My sacrifice was to not only to remove the sugar from my menu but to expand the challenge to 40 days . I have decided to do this as my way to pray for the health, piece and well-being of my whole family my sisters, parents, granny, cousins. I truly believe this will hold me strong in my decision.

I’m in my first week now and it was not easy. The first 3 days I had a horrible headache. My whole body hurt. I was in a very, very bad mood and everything annoyed me ( good that my hubby was at work, ‘coz I do not think he could handle it). I drank hectoliters of  still water and eat only steamed vegetables chicken and fish. my snack almonds-15 a day. I’ve decided not to exercise for one week, not to exhaust my body. Most times I felt I would not cope, that I will fail, but I’ve survived. After the third day the temptation disappeared and  I’m very proud of myself. I’ve even managed to bake (Pear and Frangipene Tart) without tasting the half-products or the ready tart.

I have to tell you , that I’ve prepared myself prior to the first week – I’ve made sure I do not have any sweets at home and that I will not go out to avoid the allurement. i have filled my fridge with healthy stuff only veggies, low-fat cheese, poultry and fish. I even took more drastic decision and gave all my cards and cash to my husband  to avoid temptation :D….crazy but worked! Also, I advice you to start on the weekend. Sleep helps.

I really encourage you to challenge yourself on stopping doing thinks that are harmful to you , your bodies. Belive in yourself, you can do it:). Be strong

I will keep you updated. Wish me luck.

’til the next one