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Hi Everyone

I hope you have a great Sunday….full of things that you love and cherish.

Not so long ago, it was my little niece’s Second Birthday, which made me feel mellow and sentimental. Going through hundreds of photos that I took around the time when she was born, I stepped on to the bunch of them which were all about baking however it was not my family’s usually baking ( we do bake a lot and every weekend). THIS BAKING HAD A VERY IMPORTANT MEANING.

In my family ( and most of the families living in South-East Poland)when the babe is being born  we bake/fry doughnuts. They symbolize growth and wellness to kind of charm the babe to grow healthy and strong…just like the doughnuts.
the way the doughnuts look gives the family a hint of how the babe will grow.
The doughnuts should be big, very soft and mouth melting.

My mom is a Master in baking them but even she was surprised with  the final effect.

You can see the gallery below:

some of them are ready and rest , some of them(flat circles are waiting for teaspoon of jam and closure:

my beautiful mom and to be grandmom for the first time. She was so excited and nervous, I love her so much:

Look how beautiful they look:

Use chopstick to turn gently the doughnuts:

Use deep pot to avoid accidents.
Very important- make sure you put few doughnuts so they do have space to grow ;

Use paper towels to soak in the fat:

The batch below is…very crusty :)….the oil was to hot, but I do actually like the ”crusty ones” more:

If you would like to try to make them, here is the recipe:

– 5 dkgr of fresh yeast(recommended) . You can use instead: 15 grams
    of instant  yeast or 12.5 grams of active dry yeast.
– 55 dkg (3.80 cup) of all purpose flour (NO self-raising flour)
– 7 grams of butter (0.60 stick of butter) ( NO salted butter)
– 4 egg yolks + 2 whole eggs
– 0.5 cup (125ml) of warm milk
– A pinch of salt,
– lemon juice
– shot of spirit (clear spirit, no liqueur) – this will prevent from soaking fat
– 20 grams of caster sugar ( no more then that as the sugar burns in hot oil)
– 1 liter of  frying oil ( I use sunflower oil). do not use the oil for french fries
     as the doughnuts comes out tasteless.
– 15 dkg icing sugar for dusting
– jam: delicious with plum, strawberries jams. You can try
– deep pot
– chopstick
– paper towels
1 STEP: PREPARE solution :
2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon of sugar
0.5 cups of WARM  milk
Mix all the above together in a bowl or pot, cover with foil or cotton napkin and leave it in a warm, draft-free place to rise (15-25min). It should double the size.2 STEP: THE DOUGH:
Using a mixer combine eggs with sugar untill smooth. Sieve flour to a large bowl add the egg mixture, the solution,  pinch of salt, splash of alcohol and  lemon zest .
This step is long (minimum 20 min, but the rule is the longer you pressure the better the dough). My 85 year-old granny does it for about 45 min to an hour. Very often we give this job to the man of the house 🙂
In this step it is all about pumping as much air to the dough as possible. At the end of the process you have to add the melted ( room temperature ) butter.
If you have the hi-tech Kitchen robots, you can try to use them ( let me know the result, as I cannot afford one :/ ).
ROLL THE DOUGH to 1,5 cm thick. Use glass/cup to cut the circles. Then, very delicate press with your thumb in  the middle of each circle to make a hole and put 1 small spoon of jam. Grab the edges of the circle to the middle (above the jam ) and stick  them using your fingers. Next, put them to rest with the joined place down.In the meantime….
OIL AND FRYING: the oil has to be 160-170 Celsius (320 F, Gas mark 3).
Please use deep pot for this. Prepare plate/s with paper towels on it/them.
When the oil is ready ( you can check by putting small piece of the dough in to the oil. If it comes up to the surface quickly then it is time for frying).
Do not put many doughnuts at once as they need space for growing and also this will low down the temperature. When one side is golden brown, turn them using the chopstick.
When they are ready take them out from the po and on the paper towels.
Sprinkle them with icing sugar.
The best ones are warm…with glass of milk.
I know it looks like a lot of work, but you can involve members of your family or friends. It is a lot of fun.
Delicious frying!
’til the next one