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Windy monday in Paris today, how is the weather in your hometown?

So, you may wonder why I called my today’s post as above…well if you went through a torture exercise this morning you would say the same.

Lately I was watching a programme on my Polish TV (and yes I do have polish tv in my french 4 walls) and I saw an interview with Sylwia Wiesenberg, the Founder of Tonique Fitness for women and men. Her words about setting herself a goal of looking better after two pregnancies then before and doing 500+ squats when she is 99 really inspired me.

I could not take my eyes of her incredibly fit body and glowing energy. Also, she is Polish and I love letting you know about ”my people:)”.

Sylwia has created few dvd’s so far and the one, that I bought on amazon UK (yeap, I could not get this DVD in France) consists of 2 DVDs with two different     50-minutes programmes to avoid hitting fitness plateaus.These programmes are pretty intense and your whole body will hurt, but you will feel amazing afterwords.
If however you are a beginner to workouts I encourage you to do less repetition and feel your limits. This is not a competition :D.

oh, one thing..previously I was exercising with David’s Kirsh Boot Camp Programme:

and I can honestly recommend it. The exercises are intense but rewarding and following his Ultimate 2 week plan ( book+dvd) I lost 12 pounds… in only 2 weeks. At the moment I have stopped his workout plan as my body got use to the moves….hens I was looking for a new inspiration and found Sylwia.

let’s the fight for sexier body begins!!

’til the next one