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Lanie wosku

Hi Everyone,

Friday is here, so switch off your work mobiles, forget about all the things that drags your mind and heart to the office …and relax!

Yesterday was 29th November, St. Andrews Day and there is a little bit of magic in the air on that day, especially in the European Countries like: Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany,Slovakia, Romania and my beautiful Poland.

On this magical day, it is all about the future of the non-married and single ladies who are looking for The One.

It is a great get together party theme for grown-ups and  for children. I remember my pre-school/school 29th November’s celebrations and there was always a lot of laughter and smily faces, a lot of snacks, music and no school-stress on that day!! Just pure fun.

Different forms of white magic should bring the information about the future beloved one. Don’t worry , this is nothing about ghosts. Although Poland is a Catholic country ..like 97% , Catholic religion was officially adopted in Poland only  in the year 966 after Jesus . It arrived on a pagan territory ( magic, God of the Sun, Wind, etc..) and some stuff were left for the people so the transition to a Catholic religion was bearable and effective.

Anyway, here are some white-magic evening festivities:

Wax-pouring:                                                                                                              – you will need a bowl with cold water, a key(the best is the old-fashion, large one) with a keyhole and molten wax or a candle. Girls (one after the other) are pouring the wax through the keyhole. After the wax settled, take it gently in front of a wall and direct a light to it, so the shadow on the wall appears. If the shape resembles a male or something regarding a wedding; love, that is very good sign.You have to have a big imagination and be creative…this is why there is always a lot of laugh…girls can comment and exchange thoughts.

Shoe line:Eligible girls at home take their right shoe and put them in the line, at the end of the corridor (leading to the entrance/exit door). Next, the last shoe from the line goes in front of the first one and you keep on doing this. The girl, who’s shoe was put first outside the entrance/exit door will get married first.

Heart:                                                                                                                         –  Cut a  heart (size of a saucer) and using a red marker write  boy’s names on it. Put the heart on a wooden/plastic board with the names facing down. Take a pin, close your eyes, make 3 circles above the heart and  then pin it. The pinned name is the name of your future boyfriend/husband.

Names under the pillow:                                                                                              – take small pieces of paper, write names of boys and put them under your  pillow for the night. In the morning put your hand under the pillow and pick one card. The name on it is a name of your future love.

Cups:                                                                                                                                   you will need 5 cups and:
– a ring
– a key
– a coin
– spoon of sugar
– small car toy                                                                                                           One person from the group have to put a cup on each of the above objects, placing them in the line, next to each other. Very important: she/he must swap the place of the objects so you do not know where is what. You simply choose one cup. What you find underneath will happen soon:)
– ring – marriage
– key – a house
– coin – big money
– sugar – sweet and happy life
– car – beautiful trip

Of course, there are dozens of those customs and they are different , depending on the countries.How about you guys? Do you have 29th November white-magic celebration?

’til the next one,