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Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a great weekend and you feel the Christmas Spirit in the air,   coz I do :), well, since Sunday,to be exact, when I finished decorating my appartement with all the Christmas things: Christmas tree; red, gold and green sparkles; scented candles, Christmas lights and my home looks georgeus!

Well, new week has  just started and I have to tell you, I really do not like Mondays! This feeling exaggerated dramatically with me not having a job. I bet that all the non-employed workaholics out there feel me.

I have decided to be optimistic and practice ”cheats on my brain” acts. How do I do this? I live a life of a working woman. I wake up early in the morning, have healthy breakfast and work, which means do stuff( anything to keep myself occupied). I do not spend days in my PJ’s. Sometimes I will wear my heals at home( I know it sounds crazy but it works). My goal is not to forget the work routine. This little tasks keep me grounded. I belive that this is a healthy approach, as you do not allow your brain to collapse into depression (at least this is what I read in some smart books). I read horrible stuff about people committing suicides after loosing job, especially men (last year 5000 men in UK). I know, scary right!

Anyway, my every Monday is my Celebration Day to introduce a positive attitude towards the upcoming week.

Monday is a day of things that I love (so every Monday is different as I love a lot of things) and yesterday it was all about :

Calling my mum and sisters (which means calling Poland, Scotland and London). God bless France for free calls abroad as for me those ” checking in” calls are like  air to breath.                                                                                                                Quinoa Futomaki Lunch– simple, delicious and sooo healthy. Ohh, I had an original bottle of Sake, but since I am on 40-day NO SUGAR time, I did have a cup of green tea instead:DSC06284DSC06287DSC06284DSC06292

To make me feel more like in Japan I placed a beautiful artwork on the table. It  was a painting, made on a porcelain canvas and I wish I knew more about it.( If anyone of you could tell me how exactly this form of art is called, I would be grateful):DSC06298DSC06293DSC06296
The third thing I did: I finally bought the best Tea in the world, called Marco Polo and produced by a company called Mariage Frères. I drank this Tea for the first time at my friend’s place, in April. You can read about it here:From tea to motherhood. Last week, when I went to check on the Galeries Lafayette’s Christmas Decoration (in Central Paris) and it’s EVERY YEAR surprising but gorgeous window exposition I saw the Mariage Frères boutique and couldn’t resist. I bought 100g of the ”haute-couture” Marco Polo tea. It costed me around 9 euros (expensive :/) but it was totally worth it:DSC06279DSC06277-001DSC06266DSC06273and just before the cup of tea, I  tortured my body with Sylwia’s Weisenberg Tonique Programme;DSC06260well, this was my Monday. How was yours?

and to make you smile:funny quote about Monday; “If only one of the presidential candidates would make it part of his platform to do something about making Monday part of the weekend. I think he would get a lot of votes”
– Thomas Wayne

’til the next one