Hi Everyone,

I thought, I will give you some updates regarding my 40 days NO SUGAR commitment.Today is my 31st day, which means I am in my 5th week now.

GENERAL FEELING: I feel amazing and the weirdest part is that my body things it’s been like this forever. I used to think about sugar (cakes, chocolate, biscuits) and eat them all day, every day. It’s not like I was having a pantry full of goodies, as I was always trying to keep myself away from this, but I was making excuses (celebrations, success at work, failure at work, a dispute with my husband) to go to a supermarket and buy really sugary things, especially crunchy things, like: waffles, m&m’s, biscuits. Eating those things was fun, but all the horrible things coming afterwords, like: anxiety, confusion, swolen face and hands,lack of concentration, fogginess, tiredness, high blood pressure,nausea and thirst were just horrible. Since I have cut out refined sugar completely, my body reset to a different mode. My skin is unbelievably soft and firmer. I do not have under-eye circles or a dry throat. My nails are stronger, my hair shinier. I am calm and I am peaceful. I no longer have those thoughts about ”buying sweets” bouncing in my head. Also, as a side effect( in a positive way) I have lost almost 5kg (over 10 pounds).

EVERYDAY WORK: please do not think that it’s a hard and impossible work. It is a commitment that I am pursuing and it’s getting easier with each day. It is like learning a new trick-beginnings are tough, right, but then you are rocking it like a PRO!


When I am doing my groceries, I am avoiding the sections with sweets and going straight to greens, meats, fish, eggs, low-fat cheeses and grains…grabbing packs of still mineral water on the way.


1) I am taking each day with a positive attitude.

2) I am always keeping some prep-ready food in my fridge to avoid excuses like ” I am starving and I NEED to eat a biscuit, because prepping food takes time”. A bowl of HOT SOUP should be your first choice . It is filling and will definitely put you in a good mood. I’m trying to avoid snacks like almonds, as I love them to much and probably could not stop after the fifth one.

3) I drink a lot of water, red and green tea.

4) I take vitamins ( one of those all in one with all the micro elements), composed for women in my age:).

5) When I crave sugar I take one tea-spoon of coconut oil (adding to my tea). I do not know how, but this amazing product helps counteract the sweet craving. I’ve read somewhere that the same effect will happened after eating fermented food : coconut kefir, homemade sauerkraut or kombucha tea.

6) FATS: I have noticed that if I do not eat healthy fats; avocado, fish, coconut oil, my cravings shows up.

7) BALANCED MEALS- I am trying to eat at least 20-30 grams of proteins and at least 2-3 cups of veggies for lunch and dinner. My breakfast is egg whites with few avocado slices. 7) When I am really craving a dessert which happens when I am stressed , I will have Ricotta cheese or carrots, or both :). The last 3 Saturdays, I had a bag (200g) of un-salted pistachios.I love them.

8) I do not use salt, but a lot of herbs and spices( no ready mix spices as they have a lot of salt) instead.

9) I DO EXERCISE- CARDIO makes me so tired, that I cannot even think about sugar. What happens is the more tired I am , the more I HATE sugar.

10) I do not eat fruits. I belive it is still to early for me. The same with carbohydrates like oats (which I love). I have tried pumpernikiel, but I found it too acidic however I do eat quinoa, which doesn’t mess up with my sugar balance so I will stick with it.

I am hoping and praying to keep up longer then only 40 days. I know I will have something sweet on 24th December(I would not dare to refuse my mom’s and granny’s polish pies), but I want to be the best version of me from January 2013 onwards. One more thing: I used to be a coffee person (coffee with milk and espresso lady:)), however I have managed to fight it. It is my 13th week without coffee or milk. Green and red tea replaces is with better results.

What I would like to tell you is: I am still a beginner to all of this. I learn as I go. I am carefull about what I eat, but do not starve myself. I observe my body a lot. Things that works for you, may not work for me and vice versa. We are all different, but I know that refined sugar is one of the worst inventions of this world and it doesn’t bring anything good. My war has just started and I am a very motivated soldier, coz I love the new me.

’til the next one