Magical day today guys, 12.12.12!

In numerology today is the date to contact all those important people in our live with whom , for whatever reason, we’ve lost contact with.

Today is the day of building and rebuilding bonds of love and  friendship.If you would like to make peace with somebody or you miss this person but never had time to call, today is the day you should do it.
Magic of numbers 12 and summary of it:number 3 will work to your advantage.

On another note, I’m not sure if you think about the meaningful day of 21 December 2012 but this morning I’ve read an article about CERN company,who  launches a new series of experiments which could allow the scientific basis for dealing with the problem of infinite mass. THE LHC machine (located in Geneva) IS THE BIGGEST source of magnetic field on the Earth and when you turn it on there must  be some fluctuations between the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic field of the LHC. Collider will start working  again very SOON and will run on full power until Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. After that day, it will be switched of for the next 20 months. For these experiments, the researchers hope to learn more about dark matter and even the Big Bang. The controversy raises around the high energy that scientists are ”playing with” and fear that the experiments may bring something unexpected. Theory exists( but difficult to prove), that key experiment in ATLAS project, which took place before the earthquake in Japan, in 2011 could cause the seismic activity( so-called butterfly effect. I honestly belive that we are playing with fire and we can bring troubles on ourselves.Hmmm… something to think about….