Hi Everyone

It’s Friday and it’s getting closer to holidays ( :)for those who work and study) ….and Christmas and New Year Eve!I’m flying to Poland tomorrow but before I go, I wanted to share with you the things that I’m lusting after and that I’m taking with me to share them with my family..what’s better then sharing things you like with people you love:)!?

since I remember,my mother-in-law has always been using these candles and at the beginning I wasn’t a fan of them( it was my romantic side kicking in ) and thinking: ”nothing can replace a real candle, the light is not the same”, however I must admit, I was wrong. Those geniously thought candles grew on me. The reason;a) Safety- I think this is the biggest plus of this product. You can leave them unattended around kids and pet.

b) Very friendly for people/children with allergies to some chemicals that are used to produce candles.

c) No stuffy air.

d) You can take them everywhere with you.

DSC06452They exist in different colours and sizes. I love the simple white ones, as they look elegant, when on and you can match them with every table/room decoration:

DSC06451Second thing:sweets.Wherever I go, I ‘m always buying local sweets and bring them with me . It’s always a great ”mood chear-up” and  ”wall breaker”. Even better if you can say few things about the sweets. This time it’s all about chocolates;

SUCHARD with its original packaging is a very popular type of chocolate in France. It was created in Switzerland, in the same company which produces Milka Chocolate. It is also my husband’s childhood goodie:)

DSC06460Third thing :my new Lindt Chocolates finds; This company really experiments with flavours. When I think about Lindt I imagine myself a crazy group of Chocolate scientists ( with Einstein’s haircut ) who constantly create new flavours:D

DSC06458Fourth thing must be my addiction-Red Tea Tuocha. It is very healthy and I just love this earthy but yet very delicate and smooth taste. You can drink it all day, even before sleep and you can also find it in most of the supermarkets in France (healthy food sections):

DSC06457Number five on my list: Coconut oil!!!! If you don’t know it yet, you better google it and see for yourself. I bought my via amazon but I’m sure health food store have it. Make sure that it is 100% natural;

DSC06456If you are a Masterchef fan you may know this guy: John Torode, judge on a Masterchef UK. He is brilliant and he loves beef, which matches not only my taste buds but also my families. I got his autograph ( yupiii!!!) and I do guard this recipe book like a hawk.I am sure that  my family will have fun cooking from his recipes 🙂


Seventh thing that would be actually something that my family knows but cannot have enough: Foie Gras and Sweet Wine:DSC06463The next thing is actually for my mom and myself. Since we both will spend a lot of time in the kitchen ( yes, cooking Polish dishes IS a very long process and since Polish Christmas’ dinner consists of 12 dishes we need to be awake at all time ) so  I thought that I will buy us colourful aprons to keep us motivated. Aren’t they cool!! The colours are so vibrant and just make me smile:


So this is it, my favourite things to enjoy with loved ones. Do you have things that you would like to share with your family?

’til the next one