Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well !

You’re probably occupied with the last-minute preparations…not like me. It’s not that I do not want to celebrate, it’s just that I do not have anyone to celebrate with. I’m not worried though, as the new 2013 will be my year, of course with God’s help.

In anyway ,this evening I’ve decided to sum up this current year of what I’ve learned:

So, i ‘ve learned:

1) Family is everything.2) Woman is the most important person in the family and should  be a center of attention of her partner, because if the woman is happy then the family works like a well-oiled machine and both: children and partner are enormously happy. So If you are someone’s husband or  boyfriend then please take those words to your heart. You may protest, but it will not make any good. Follow the above and you will see what I mean.
3) I can sacrifice everything for love and other person happiness and unfortunately, due to my upbringing, I’m very naive to think it’s worth it.
4) Sacrifice does not pay off so from now on I’m putting myself first.
5) Good night sleep is the best and most accessible present that everyone deserves.
6) I need to step up from my comfort zone and try things, that I’m afraid of.
7) Making excuses to explain people’s behaviour was so me. Never again!
8) Person who never experienced a family life will not be able to build one, if he will not put his mind and heart into it.
9) Respect – everyone deserves it, not everyone understand what this means.
10) I can live without sugar:)
11) If I put my heart and mind into something I can ”move mountains”.
12) Good people leave this world earlier then those bad ones and we never can understand why?
13) Do not think that you may build happiness with a person who is never happy. This person will only bring you down.
14) Audrey Hepburn’s quotes are very optimistic and balance my experience from this year.

What have you learned guys?

’til the next one