Hi Everyone

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I do have a good excuse 2nd of January, I’ve started my new and first job in France> I haven’t worked for 18 months, so I was really worried  about the whole
After working 4 weeks, I can say that the first shock vanished quite quickly and I’m learning new things about the job itself and also the french way of working. I think I will write about it in a future post, but as for now….let’s say that I’m doing the research :). I would like to share with you some stuff that I got to love in previous month and I’m still hooked on them this week;

January 20131.Wall Bridge for my back and butt-bring on the summer time!                     2.Russian ‘czapka’ looks great on Miroslava Duma’s head-I love the emblem.
3.Jessica Alba’s couch – the colour, the shape, the fabric, just love it.
4.Bob hair cut – very classy and very clean>I want this cut!!!
5.Which other man looks so sexy during father-daughter outing? Nobody else but Ben Affleck…..all fathers should dress like him…..don’t you think?                            6. Polish HOMEMADE doughnuts for Fat Thursday 7th February—soo delicious.
7. Audrey Hepburn love this picture. There is such a pure love and honesty in her eyes> I rarely see such REAL photo.

I hope you all like my sum up 😉

’til the next one,