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Happy Sunday Everyone !

Today, I thought I will tell you about a store in Paris, that my husband discovered not so long ago, during his genealogical reserch.The place is called La Galcante and you can find their various publications that were published in the last century(and even earlier then that), in France. French Vogue’s from the ’50’s, sport magazines from the ’20’s and newspapers from 1900-this is just a small percentage of what you can find there.

La Galcante, Paris, 75001

entrance to the store

La Galcante is located in Paris and started as a small shop, opened in a Catholic chapel.

the store La Galcante is located in an old Catholique Chapelle

the store La Galcante is located in an old Catholic Chapel

At its origin, the store was selling the duplications of museums collections, however throughout the last 38 years it has grown to have the biggest collection of 7 millions various publications. Walking into this place is pretty exciting. You will see verities of papers, documents, catalogs, photos everywhere.The outright mess is very misleading, as every object, every document is meticulously cataloged, numbered and filled. During my studies,having spend hundreds of hours in libreries, archives,I was a little bit intimidated by the fact that all the documents in that store are so easily accessible, literary at the reach of your hand. The first thing I thought when seeing the piles of various publications in the middle section of the store was:”What form should I fill in to be able to read those documents?!!!!”
This place is very alive, very vibrant, and very exciting…although it has nothing incomen with the modern, hi-tech world. Going there you will meet a very friendly stuff- people who will do their best in order to help you finding what you’re looking for.

You may also meet other customers; a lady looking for some sports newspaper for her husband, students searching for some documents for their essay’s, little boy browsing comics books from the ’20 with his grandfather, a man searching the logs of the ’70 sports magazines in search of photographs, articles any notes about his father, who used to be a rugby player.What’s more exiting is when you start chatting with those people, hear their stories, the reasons why they smile reading articles and journals and why they give up their free time to stand among the piles of papers.

La Galcante is not just a store with old publications,  it is so much more than that, but you have to find out for yourself!
In the era of the internet, it is so easy to get the information you’re looking for, and it would seem that everything can be found via popular internet browsers, but as far as I know nothing can replace La Galcante. It is a treasure box, that should exist , so that the generations after us could see and experience what seems to be very obvious.

If you will have a chance to visit Paris I strongly recommend you to visit La Galcante; 52 rue de l’arbre sec, 75001 Paris>www.lagalcante.com

La Galcante, inside

corner of the store, walles filled with files consisting of newspapers, published at the begining of XX centuries.

La Galcante, newspapers

pile of newspapers from 1900-1902 ;). Interestinc fact is that in the old times the newspapers were folded into about  10 x 20 cm rectangles

La Galcante

boxes with old newspapers, shelves, filled with old journals, magazines, comic books, posters,etc…

corridor filled with valuable stuff

corridor filled with valuable stuff

Celebrities in La Galcante

When you think that La Galcante could not surprise you more, there it is…. section about celebrities and famous people…like President Obama 😉

La Galcante

La Galcante exteriour archive storage.

I hope these stores exist in your home town.

’til the next one,