How far along are you? 29 Weeks and 4 days, Only 73 days to go!
What’s happening with baby? Baby’s brain, organs and body fat continue to develop. In fact, her brain is growing so fast that the soft skull bones around the brain are being pressed and pushed into different shapes.
Total weight gain: 9 kg. Lost 2 kg….maybe less sweet stuff?
Maternity clothes? Very loose dresses, which alow plenty space for the bump. Yesterday I also purchesed a pair of sport shorts from ROXY and Roxy flipflops…very comfortable.
Stretch Marks? NOPE.thnx to mamamio and Basq Cream twice a day .
Sleep: First night with the pregnancy pillow and I slept like a baby(well, except for bathroom runs). This pillow is a real miracle.The 3 weeks before were so far the worst regarding the sleep.
Best moment this week: Not being sick on the speed boat, but I am still sick in the car.I got a flouer from a little girl and on Wednesday I saw the Bel Air villa. Also getting my bank card and ordering the cosleeper.
Miss Anything? Cooler weather and my family.
Movement: The baby rolls around a lot. Sometimes the baby pushes with his tushi tu mu right side.It it so funny see the bump changing shape.Kicks are strong but not yet in my ribs:D
Food Cravings: Lolipops Chupa Chups, grapes,kiwi.
Anything making you queasy or sick? car and the boat in general and the mosquito repelants.
Gender: ? but have a suspicion.
Labor Symptoms: Not yet.
Belly button in or out: In.
Wedding rings on or off: ON
Looking forward to: Moving to a better place …preferably with the ocean’s view.

Anything bothering:yeap.Women who do not understand pregnant ones, although they went through the same!Also, should I get a nanny to help or just a houskeeper.