How far along are you? 30 Weeks and 2 days
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is weighing in at 1,36 kg (3lbs). and measuring about 27 cm (11 inches long). The baby is now processing information, tracking light, and perceiving signals from all five senses. It is putting in longer stretches of sleep, which helps me define patterns of wakefulness and rest.
Total weight gain: 9kg (19.7 lbs). I’m really loving my baby bump too!
Maternity clothes? hmm…still very loose dresses and most of the time walking in my lingerie…as I spent most of the time at home.
Stretch Marks? NOPE. Using the Basq cream.
Sleep: I’ve been waking up every night  tossing and turning. The bed is very hard and uncomfortable,hens my hip bones are in a constant pain.
Best moment this week: Being able to get out in the evening and see the dawn with my husband. It gets really tough for me when the temperatures are going up and there is no wind, so seating in an air-con car or a small walk after 4p.m. Also my nice was one day running around the house and calling ;”Ciocia Izuuuuunia, ciocia Izuniaaaa!!!” (auntie Izuuuunia, Auntie Izuniaaaa!!!). Also my husband and I are preparing our own business, so we are getting all the information needed and looking to purchase.
Miss Anything? Being able to walk long distances and exercise, but I love my baby bump and I cherish every moment.
Movement: I will be busy doing something and out of the corner of my eye I will see my entire belly move. It’s very, very cool but each time I want my husband to see it the baby stops(I think that baby hearing my voice stops the tossing)
Food Cravings: Sweat junk food like waffles and crunchy oats from Carrefour and ….Ice. I love chewing ice. This is the 4th week and I still enjoy it. I will put half a bottle (plastic one) of water into the freezer and then once its frozen I will pour a glass of water into it and heat it on the floor to crush the ice and I drink it while crunching the ice.I thought about buying a box of Sorbet but this stuff have so much sugar.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing in particular….just the usual…car and boat trips.
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: Not yet.
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: ON
Looking forward to: Seeing our future home in the Resort and preparing the baby room. I feel this overwhelming need of nesting.I cannot wait to buy the baby stuff and I would like to purchase some art equipment. Still thinking about my B-Day present…what do I want:art stuff, a black pearl necklace or a dinner? Decisions, decisions.