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How far along are you? 33 Weeks and 6 days
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is growing and putting on weight.His lungs are mature and he can definitely tell the difference between day and night.
Total weight gain: 14kg.
Maternity clothes? light clothing, nursing bras.
Stretch Marks? NOPE. Using the Basq cream and oil.
Sleep: Still tossing and turning plus the v. irritation is horrible. I have oedema.

Best moment this week:

  • Appointment with the midwife 2nd May.The baby is big!He is 2kg457grams and predicted weight for when he is born is 4kg100grams. He is developing very well and he has hair!!!
  • My B-day and delicious dinner made of scallops risotto(eating scallops for the first time since I got pregnant and lobster/beef main course.
  • Meeting an english speaking couple who is expecting just like us! I will have a friend!yupii

Miss Anything? Being able to walk long distances and exercise, but I love my baby bump and I cherish every moment.
Movement: The baby is moving constantly and changing the shape of my belly.
Food Cravings: Rice with apple sauce.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing in particular….just the usual…car and boat trips.
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: Not yet.
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF since 3 weeks almost.
Looking forward to: Welcoming the baby.

  • Maternity classes:

Along with the midwife we have composed a list of things for the hospital bag.Because it is a tropical climate was not sure what I should bay for the baby as my upbringing took place in a very different climat.I will be doing a separate post on the Hospital bag items.

’till the next one,