How far along are you? 35 Weeks
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is 48 cm long or more and in my babies’ case he probably weights over 3kg:)
Total weight gain: I think it will be 15kg.
Maternity clothes? Pareos 🙂 and swimming suits
Stretch Marks? NOPE. Using the Basq cream and oil.
Sleep: since the 9th May I’ve been taking Magnesium +Vitamin B6 to sooth the symptoms of oedema and it works but i ned to drink a lot of water.I have noticed that the symptoms are stronger if I eat sweet or salty things.

Best moment this week:

  • Lunch at the Moorea Beach Cafe:D
  • Feeling the baby moves.. I will never get tired of that.
  • Receiving the prescription for the magnesium Vit.B6 pills.
  • watching YouTube to find out about hypnobirth breathing and breathing during the contractions
  • maternity classes: Lesson Nr3: what to do when first symptoms of labor will kick in.
  • finding babies’ furniture and decoration from Bebe9 (that nota bene I wanted to buy anyway) on an occasion. Almost new and a very good quality.The total cost of the items in France would be around 800euros, however buying those items in Tahiti would strip your wallet from another 2200 euros!!! Well, the Island’s dream costs:(

Miss Anything?Wine, Wine, Wine, Sushi and a cooler weather
Movement: Yes, a lot and very strong
Food Cravings: Risotto, Apples, Mentos  and sweet stuff in general.I realy am trying to limit the sweets so the baby does not addict to the taste but I am not doing well.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The same:car trips
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: I had Braxton Hicks contractions during the night which were pretty intense so I got a little bit scared> What I did was doing the yoga breathing which helped right away.
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF
Looking forward to:

  • Maternity classes:

Lesson Nr 3 : What to do when the labor symptoms starts?

First of all you need to stay calm as you are not actually sure what is happening. If your water breaks go to the hospital right away.However if you only experience contraction you need to:

  • take Dolipran (french paracetamol) (1 mg every 6 hours is allowed for pregnant women) and seat or lay down.
  • stay calm.
  • practice yoga breathing.Breath through the nose and slowly realise the air by mouth
  • ask your husband to make you a massage-the lower back massage-he needs to press with both thumbs on the visible ”2 holes ”down your spine.
  • Watch the timing of contractions-if they will start to be regular (every 5 minutes) for an hour then you need to go to the hospital.

’till the next one,