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How far along are you? 36 Weeks and 6 days.
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is 49 cm long or more and in my babies’ case he weights over 3kg:) for sure.
Total weight gain: 14 kg (30lbs).
Maternity clothes? swimming suits(my favourite is
Stretch Marks? Luckily no. I am currently on my 6 pot of BASQ cream.I will do another post just about what I used to avoid stretch marks.
Sleep: Some nights are difficult then the others. I belive that depends on how active the baby is, what i was eating, if he weather was ”pregnancy friendly” and of course what I was doing.Very often if I eat after 8pm, or I ate carbs I did not have a good long sleep. Also the baby’s favourite time to wake up mommies are:midnight,3am and 5 am….and sometimes 7am.

Best moment this week:

  • Receiving our delivery of stuff from France:D
  • Baby dancing in my belly
  • Packing mine and the baby;s hospital bags. I had so much fun with this.
  • Maternity classes-always having a good time!Lesson 4-how to feed baby.
  • Me time-After 3 months I have finally went to the hair salon .
  • Receiving Green Card(which is an Insurance Card in Polynesia)
  • My mother-in-Law received all the stuff that I ordered for the baby (books and CD in Polish) and she will bring it with her 4th June!!
  • Hospital visit with the anesthesiologist and a midwife.

Miss Anything?Being able to eat anything at all.
Movement: Strong and I have started to feel very sharp pains below the belly.
Food Cravings: Hmmm, yogurt.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Hot air
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: yes!
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF
Looking forward to:

  • Maternity classes:

Lesson Nr 3 : Feeding the baby:

  • always hold the baby parallel to you, so the baby does not have to turn his head( bad for the baby;s neck)
  • take time to allow yourself and the baby to get used to each other.
  • ask your husband to help you, doing shifts
  • wait until the baby burp before putting it to bad.

’till the next one,