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37 weeks pregnantHow far along are you? 37 Weeks.
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is 51 cm and weights 3.6 kg.The baby is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid,sucking his thumb, blinking, and turning from side to side. I read that if the baby looses the thumb from his mouth he will start moving his head vigorously n order to find the thumb:D.
Total weight gain: 15 kg (33 lbs) putting me at 76kg(167 lbs).
Maternity clothes?loose dresses and  swimming suits(my favourite is from Basta Surf) .
Stretch Marks? No.
Sleep: Had a very difficult nights on the weekend so trying to catch up during the day. Lately I’ve been taking day’s naps very often and twice a day.

Worse:my chin is still kind of numb since two weeks. I went to the dentist but she cannot do anything until 1 month post labour.

Best moment this week:

Control visit :some cute facts about the baby:

  • The baby is long and big:) and advanced in growth by two weeks:D,however he still has space to grow
  • He/she has a character according to the midwife:D. When she tried to check on his heart beat, he did not like it and was kicking the sonar.
  • He/she was covering it’s face each time we tried to see it.
  • His weight is 3,6 kg already.

Other best moments:

  • Baby moves, kicks and rolling over.
  • Midwife told me that the baby is nicely pushing on the cervix which is thinning out due to his action and I should gave birth by the 15th June(due date).
  • my pelvis is a great size for the labour(yupii), which makes me thinking it will be easier to give birth to my big/little munchkin!
  • Control visit-last one before moving to Pirae, Tahiti for the birth.
  • Maternity classes-What can provoke a labour and info about the postpartum for him and her

Miss Anything?Coffee!I had 4 little cups over the period of 4 days and as much as I love it, it does not work well for the baby. He is getting very active.
Movement: Ohh yes> The sharp pains down the canal are getting stronger and more often.
Food Cravings: Poker waffles.
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: yes!
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF
Looking forward to: seeing our little baby.

  • Maternity classes:

Lesson Nr 5 : Summery-labour and postpartum

  • I used to think that the sex provokes the labour because of its physical action but! it is actually the substance- prostaglandis in a sperm that helps soften and ripen the cervix.
  • it is forbidden to take newborns to a swimming pool or sea until they are 2 months old.
  • your husband mom is not your mom and each new mom needs her mom only, because she is the ultimate authority. If your husband does not get it tell him that he will have exactly the same feelings re: your father.
  • It is absolutely ok for you to feel baby blues. It usually last for 1-2 weeks, but if it is going to last for more than a month go and see the doctor.
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN for any members of family (except for the new parents) or friends  to kiss newborns on the cheeks, nose, etc. They can touch babies’ feet, hands after they washed their hands.
  • Husband is your rock and involve him in everything you are doing.
  • It is up to you if you feel like going out after giving birth or you prefer to stay with the baby at home.
  • You can have sex as soon as you feel ok.
  • Think about contraception, as you can get pregnant as soon as 3 weeks postpartum.
  • You must keep the baby away from cats and people who has cats as toxoplasmosis is still very dangerous to your newborn.

My Advice regarding surviving the difficult days before the labour-Watch ‘Friends’, it is a great dose of laughter that will profit you and your baby!!

’till the next one,