38 weeks pregnantHow far along are you? 38 Weeks and 6 days.
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is 52 cm (around 20 inches) and weights 3.8 kg (8,37 pounds) (checked with the OB, he/she is a big baby).The baby’s grasp is firm and will melt your heart, once it’s born. All the organs have completely matured for the outside life.
Total weight gain:I think it will be 16-17 kg (35-6 lbs) putting me at 78-9kg(171 lbs).
Maternity clothes?June 1 we have moved to an appartement in Papeete(the Capital of French Polynesia), so we do have an air-con and I can definitely wear t-shirts, shorts and light dresses.There are not maternity clothes, but a larger size ”normal” clothes.
Stretch Marks? No.Still using Basq like crazy.
Sleep: Well, I am definitely going the right direction since I started snoring and breathing very heavily during my sleep. I drive my husband crazy(although he is trying to be very diplomatic about it).I think it is a fault of not having a proper high pillow. I mean I have 2 pregnancy V-shape ones but this is not the same.Yesterday I bought a box of earplugs made of wax and they have definitely helped .

Worse moment of the week:Emergency visit at the hospital that happened 3 June. I started vomiting, had a very bad headache and blur vision. It lasted around an hour and we decided to go to the hospital, where the doctors did the blood test+IRM(!)+protein in the urine test and checked on the baby’s heart. They kept me under observation for 24 hours. They thought I had pre-eclampsia. Luckily all the results came back negative and they had agreed to let me go(I did not want to stay in the hospital, as I really hate them), however they have assigned me a midwife to visit us 3 times a week for 2 weeks and check on both :the baby and me.

I have to admit that the hospital care was just amazing , which have me reassurance that all will be good once I’m in labour.I have experienced the hospital service in UK, Poland, Belgium and must admit that the Hospital in Tahiti can compete with the European hospital without a shame.

Best moment this week:

  • Seeing my parents-in-law, who finally moved to Moorea.It is a great thing to have them here.
  • Moving to the Capital and having an air-con in the appartement.
  • no hassle with mosquitos.
  • easy access to the Frozen Yogurt shop.

Other best moments:

  • Knowing that I do not have pre-eclampsia and that the baby is fine.
  • Belly Kiss from my Father-in-Law!It was unexpected and so amazing!
  • Doing a home photo session with my husband.
  • Visiting the Nespresso boutique, as I would like the NES coffee machine as a present for the Baby’s arrival.
  • Spending the time with my Second Half and contemplating on the time we had and the one to arrive.
  • Women on the street smiling to me and commenting on my pregnancy belly:D.
  • Receiving loads of cute clothes for the baby from my mother-in-law and my order of baby bookes and music cd from Poland.

Miss Anything?Wine!Red wine!I had few sips and absolutely enjoyed each one of them:D
Movement: Big YES. Still having sharp pains down the canal.They start after 6pm and hurt like s***.
Food Cravings: Fresh salad! but staying away from uncooked veggies;wafles;wine;
Anything making you queasy or sick? no
Gender: ?
Labor Symptoms: yes!Sharp pains and contractions, which are rare but strong.
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF
Looking forward to: seeing our little baby!

’till the next one,