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39 weeks 6 daysHow far along are you? 39 Weeks and 6 days.
What’s happening with baby?  The baby is 53-54 cm (around 22 inches) and weights ? — good question!I belive the baby is 4 kg (8,37 pounds), however I will now better in 2 days during the routine hospital’s check.The baby is growing and I can definitely feel  more pressure on my blader and pelvis. Walks are not easy, even with the support belt (which so far was an absolute rescue not only for my back but also for my skin)

pregnancy support belt
Total weight gain:I think it will be 17-18 kg (38 lbs) putting me at 79-80kg(174-176 lbs).
Maternity clothes?Just larger size clothingsleeveless tops and skirts
Stretch Marks? No.Still using Basq like crazy.I have only 1.5 jar left!!
Sleep: This vary from night 2 night.
I am not trying even to fight back if I cannot sleep, because I do not want to stress myself nor the baby. Instead, I will play Candy Crash on my mobile or surf on the internet.This 2 things relaxes me and after an hour I fall asleep again.                   Very embarrassing thing-I do snore a lot!!! and from what my husband told me-I snore like a dinosaur!(not sure if  those animals ever snored but I belive my husband wanted to describe the magnitude of the noise). He actually said that he feels mattress vibrating because of my snoring.Well, one of the beauties of late stage of pregnancy:D. Also, lately I need to have longer naps during the day.I f

Worse moment of the week:One evening, when the baby was causing me very sharp pains in my cervix. Wow, that was very painful and continued throughout the night. I belive that it was my fault as I had a big portion of ice cream with chocolate sauce….this was too much sugar for the little one.

Best moment this week:

  • few walks along the shore with my hubby
  • Discovering am American food market in Tahiti, where I can buy instant coffee Taster’s choice and Folgers-love them both!
  • 3 visits from the midwife and knowing that the baby is well
  • latest visit from the midwife, who confirmed that my contractions are more regular , every 12 minutes

Other best moments:

  • Making a dance video:D. My H was out and I felt the need to film my baby belly dancing.
  • Watching ”Friends”.

Miss Anything? No.
Movement: YES,YES,YES
Food Cravings: McFlurry :(. I am not a fan of McDonald or fast food in general, but the ice cream were screaming my name!!
Anything making you queasy or sick? yes, the smell of a burned oil or food!!
Gender: ?Still speculating. My H had a scary moment when the midwife told him it could be a girl (coz of the heart beat rate-above 140bpm). It is not that he is set on the girl or boy but he felt guilty at that moment, coz for the last few months he was talking to the belly in a masculine form.
Labor Symptoms: yes!Sharp pains and contractions, which are rare but strong.
Belly button in or out: IN
Wedding rings on or off: OFF
Looking forward to: seeing our little baby!

’till the next one,